12 de agosto de 2008

Kyuss - Son of Kyuss [1990]

The other day listening Boris' ratlesnake (heavy rocks album, previously posted) I said to my self "now I need something more marginal, dirty, hopefully something to resemble a sound crafted like in a bassement or an attic, nasty". Then I remenbered that I had between my files this "deadly" kyuss album, which by the way is the first one they released, called Son of Kyuss. Yes, what makes this album special is its spoiled sound, crafted like in a bunker after a nuclear war or sth of the sort. Well, I have no further words to spit, Kyuss is Kyuss, there is no need for argument to convince you to get it.


01 - Deadly kiss
02 - Window of souls
03 - King
04 - Isolation desolation
05 - Love has passed me by
06 - Black widow
07 - Happy birthday
08 - Katzenjammer

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