18 de agosto de 2008

Speedealer - Here comes death [2002]

Well, this a cool post, Why? Well, in fact, it is not cool, but rather nostalgic. Why? Because this is the band bassist Rich Mullins joined in 2002. Let's remenber that Rich Mullins was the bassist of Karma to Burn, which disbanded that very year, God knows why. I would say Rich Mullins should have never left Karma, becaused Karma rocks! But I guess he had reasons for. Speedealer is something utterly different to Karma, a hibrid of Rock/Metal/Punk and maybe stoner too. Nevertheless, I would also say don't listen to this band unless you were a hundred percent ready to rock. Check it up, the band is over loaded of blasphemous short songs, whose main characteristis are fast agressive riffs and drum compases, punk wrath and raging voices. Ironically, the picture I added of the band includes Jeff Hirshberg wearing a Karma to Burn shirt. Cool stuff!


01 - Hit and rum
02 - CCCP (cold war blues)
03 - You lose, I win
04 - Nobodys hell like mine
05 - Cream 1
06 - Sasparilla
07 - Death
08 - Hate you better
09 - No more
10 - Drink me dead
11 - 150 am
12 - Washep up
13 - Absinthe
14 - We are diseased
15 - Dealer's choice
16 - Tweeked
17 - California tumbles into the sea

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