13 de agosto de 2008

Eagles of death metal - Death by sexy [2006]

Are you ready for rock and roll? yeah! Are you really ready for rock and roll? YEAH!!!!! Well, for those who were waiting and for those who do not, I'm posting the last album of Jeese "the devil" Hudges. This is album is way too famous, there are like 4 or 5 songs that are very known that were used to advertise different products of franchises like ADIDAS and the game Need for Speed Undergroung, which was where I discovered the band (ajajaj). The album is a jewel within its genre, its by far the best stoner based rock and roll thing ever hear by my ears. If you liked the first album, posted previously, you gonna love this one as much as I do. It resembles a cool and fresh experience in stoner. Get it pals!


01 - I want you so hard (Boy's bad news)
02 - I got a feeling (just nineteen)
03 - Cherry cola
04 - I like to move in the night
05 - Solid gold
06 - Don't speak (I came to make bang!)
07 - Keep your head up
08 - The ballad of queen bee and baby duck
09 - Poor doggie
10 - Chase the devil
11 - Eagles goth
12 - Shasta beast
13 - Bag o' miracles

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