8 de agosto de 2008

Karma to burn - Almost Heathen [2002]

Karma to burn is a West Virginia band from the end of the 90's. They play instrumental stoner rock and many people regard their sound to that of Kyuss and the Obessessed. We got just three people in this band and yet they sound in such a way that is hard to explain, so I highly suggest their stuff if you enjoy instrumental stoner, because somehow, Karma to burn are pionners of this branch of stoner rock. The band break appart after this album, so is kinda nostalgic posting this stuff, for sure I will upload their previous works later on.



2.Thirty Eight05:50
3.Thirty Four04:12
4.Thirty Seven05:19
5.Thirty Nine05:34
6.Thirty Six04:28
7.Thirty Three04:50
8.Thirty Five05:14
Total playing time48:00

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TONA dijo...

Great band, great post. Cheers!