14 de agosto de 2008

Queens of the Stone Age - Homonime [1998]

Well, I think it was about time to post something of Josh Homme. Josh is a sucessful guy, that's something undeniable. I remenber long ago asking to a buddy why did he believe that Josh homme got to be so sucessful and John Garcia did not or any other Kyuss' ex-member. His answer was inquisitory "because shit flows man". Well, that ain't so true, I mean Josh does good stuff, only that he later took his band to different horizons. Besides, there's sth weird in all of us like to stop listening a band when it becomes too famous and all people and suckers start to talk about the band and whatever...yeh, that like shocks you and forces you to listen sth else, something more underground and special...it's just a personal feeling. Well, in any case, Josh did great things in the past, in what refers to stoner and that good and crazy past is encripted in this album, which I found it is a god damn kick in the ass! This is stoner pals. Qotsa's first album just rocks, so get it!!


01 - Regular John
02 - Avon
03 - If only
04 - Walkin' on the sidewalks
05 - You would know
06 - How to handle a rope
07 - Mexicola
08 - Hispanic impressions
09 - You can't quit me baby
10 - Give the mule what he wants
11 - I was a teenage hand model

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