12 de agosto de 2008

Hielo Negro - Patagonia Rock [2003]

Well, this is a five star post. Why? Because I'm posting a Chilean stoner rock band. I'm from Chile, so, yes! yuuuhaa! cool! sweet! Make my day! Back on track, Hielo Negro is a stoner rock and roll band that gets you in the mood like no other. Just loook at that picture man, that guy is like possessed or something. Hielo Negro is pure passion and lush for rock and roll. I highly suggest this band, so put it in your bag bro!


01 - Cabo negro
02 - Cemento
03 - Fumo la gloria
04 - Satanica mujer
05 - Hombre sencillo
06 - Locomotora
07 - El as
08 - Pequeña muerte
09 - Noche gris

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